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At Gulfstream Capital & Associates we have a passion for our profession: Merchant & Investment Banker.

It is a profession we practice for over 30 years worldwide.

Our mission is essentially to develop and support implementation of strategies for growth and restructuring for companies and states we work for.

At Gulfstream Capital & Associates, everybody knows that value proceeds from combination of human, technological and financial resources.

Our goal is to offer the most appropriate response to clients needs and build a relationship with them over the long term.

For this we take into account only the interests of the client by proposing unique quality solution.

Our greatest pride but also our greatest asset is the loyalty that we are granted by our clients. This fidelity justifies the originality and relevance of our approach of this business.

That is why we carry many years of strategic missions for larger groups.

We will continue to develop in the future, this original conception of the profession of Investment Banker.

In difficult times Gulfstream Capital & Associates works with its clients to consolidate their financial resources and find solutions for restructuring the balance sheet, including bank debt negotiations.

Our team works on these missions in support of financial management in order to find quick and effective solutions with real capacity for innovation.

Today more than ever development implies the ability to explore new opportunities in emerging markets.
Gulfstream Capital & Associates has always been very active in these “frontiers” and emerging markets.
Our network of partners around the world is able to support you, advise you and finance you on these new areas of expansion.

To reinforce our ability to deliver this type of service, partnerships have been established in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean area and Latin America.

Our “emerging markets" team is dedicated primarily to mergers & acquisitions, privatization, public or private partnerships and private equity.
Our main objective is to respond effectively to the demands of local or multinational groups or to investment funds wishing to conduct operations in these markets that are reserves of growth for the global economy.

Professional expertise of Gulfstream Capital & Associates thoroughly familiar with the Investment banking business allows both to support large customers in their international strategy, but also to develop privileged customers in emerging countries.

In the great tradition of investment bankers we act with discretion and confidentiality, with competence and diligence appropriate to each issue.

At Gulfstream capital & Associates we all know that there is no wealth without men input, so we ensure in all circumstances the collaboration of the best professionals based on domain, skills and territories.

Gulfstream Capital Investment Bankers are viscerally attached to certain core values that make them every day stronger.

The value of the given word, the power of labor, the importance of listening, the creative ability, the sense of relativity, the virtue of perseverance, the enthusiasm of youth and ultimately the joy of success!

At Gulfstream Capital & Associates we will always go forward, it is the secret of all success stories.